smiley on the web


the web is a way to exchange information in a changing world. as the world changes, it's only natural that the web should change as well. i'm not just talking about more flash, or better ads, but also the role the web plays in people's daily lives. Zillow has changed the way people think about real estate. YouTube has changed the way people watch video. mapquest has changed the way many people find their way around. the satellite photos at Google maps imply that the same kind of change is coming to the way we look at the world.

the banner image and the color scheme for this page should change each time you reload it. in a way, instant gratification is the most addictive thing about the web- something new and exciting could be waiting for you, just one click away.

this front page effect was inspired by the css zen garden, from eric meyer's complexspiral demo, and from the kind folks at malachiarts.